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A successful actor, theatre and opera director for over 25 years, Helena Binder stages productions for some of the country’s most prestigious companies.  Her work has been seen at New York City Opera, The Dallas, Minnesota, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Portland, Chattanooga, Roanoke, and Toledo Operas, to name a few.  From growing up in a theatrical family that loved dressing up in costumes, through years of acting, teaching and directing, she has maintained a love of fashion and has made a career of helping women and men put more style in their lives.

While raising her son, Helena took a break from the theatre world to work as a retail buyer for a group of high end specialty stores.  With a knack for identifying trends and knowing what people wanted to wear, she learned the ins and outs of the fashion business.  Combining this knowledge with her training as an acting teacher she started conducting workshops for singers and actors, not just in theatrical technique, but in approaches to making a favorable and lasting impression in auditions.

Now Helena uses her skills as a director, teacher (she’s taught at Boston University, New England Conservatory and Dartmouth) and style expert, along with her supportive and high spirited approach, as an image consultant.  From developing public speaking skills to accent reduction to eliminating mannerisms and poor speech to making enhancing clothing, hair and make up choices, Helena will help you with all aspects of personal presentation.

Contact her at Helena@gotalook.com today!

6 responses to “About

  1. Deb friedson

    What a wonderful blog. Congrats and thanks for the great tips


  2. Jennifer Chung

    Hey Helena! I love reading your blog, you’re hilarious! Keep writing and I’ll keep reading! Hope all is well and thanks for sharing:)


  3. gotalook

    Thanks Steve! So nice of you to write.


  4. Helena,
    Good luck with your new blog


  5. gotalook

    Thank you Charles!! And we all know what kind of haccent that is! xo


  6. I love your expert style, Leenie, and your accent and your mannerisms too. Mazel tov on the blog!!!!


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